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Here’s what you can expect from waterproof flooring

For many homeowners who have never shopped for waterproof flooring, it’s thought to be a drab, industrial-like material that you have to have for specific areas. However, it’s a pleasant surprise to find that this isn’t the actuality at all. These materials can offer stunning visuals, outstanding protection, and an excellent lifespan that makes it a worthwhile purchase option.

Waterproof flooring works hard for you

These materials aren't just for protecting you from water damage, though that is undoubtedly their characteristic trait. They're perfect for matching any décor scheme, with outstanding visual options, and they protect against other forms of daily wear. It's a "whole-package" flooring that is sure to be a success.

For basements or laundry rooms, waterproof vinyl flooring is often the go-to homeowner favorite because these products' core component offers complete imperviousness to water. No matter how big the spill or leak, you never have to worry about taking on damage. But the material also provides visuals that mimic natural stone and solid hardwood for a perfect décor match in every other room.

Waterproof laminate flooring is also a worthy option for hallways, living rooms, and foyers, where a gorgeous visual is such an important feature. These floors are often more rigid than others and offer the click and lock installation method for a quick and easy install. They can also provide a lifespan that averages 15 to 20 years, so you won’t have to replace it too quickly. To see them in person and find out more about their characteristics, be sure to drop by when you’re in the area.

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When you choose Reliable Floor Coverings for your flooring, you’ll find that we have a reputation for stellar customer care, from the best products to the services that make them work in your home. We offer top brands and free consultations, so you get all the benefits you’re looking for, all in one place. There’s no need to turn to big box stores when you can benefit from our more than 65 years of dedicated flooring sales.

From our showroom in Edmonds, WA, we proudly serve residents from Edmonds, WA, Everett, WA, Shoreline, WA, Lynwood, WA, and Bothell, WA. We invite you to stop by any time browsing our inventory and taking advantage of our associates' expertise for all your needs. We work hard to make sure you have waterproof flooring that meets all your requirements.

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