Why we love Pergo flooring

Why we love Pergo flooring

"... One product stands out as the ideal flooring for just about everyone: Pergo Extreme. Designed for both trendy looks and enduring strength, Pergo Extreme floors can stand up to the wear and tear of real life—including accident prone kids and energetic pets."

Dent Proof - 

"Accidents happen, and Pergo Extreme floors are ready for them - their dent-proof promise stems from the "rigid" in rigid vinyl floors. The core of each plank is made of a rigid composite that refuses to dent under pressure." Your floors are protected and you can have some peace of mind knowing that your flooring won't dent or crack under the pressure

Dent-proof flooring


Dogs and kids running around the house can damage any flooring but with Pergo Extreme that's not a worry, "The top layer of each Pergo Extreme plank offers superior protection from scuffs, scratches and stains. Built to withstand heavy daily use, Pergo Extreme was created with real families in mind"


"With more than 60 distinct styles to choose from, including several with a wider, longer plank, you're sure to find one that's a perfect fit for your home."

"Our never-before-seen tile selection offers new opportunities for your home and our wood-burned looks include extraordinary charred patterns for one-of-a-kind, authentic visuals in every plank. In other styles, gold-painted bevels and dramatic, large format marble tiles create impactful floors and unforgettable places.


"Floors as tough as ours deserve a warranty that's just as impressive. that's why Pergo Extreme has one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. With Pergo Extreme you can hit the ground running on a floor that's 100% dent-proof, kid-proof, pet-proof, waterproof, and worry-free." With the Pergo extreme warranty you can have peace of mind with your floors.

Flooring with warranty

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Pergo Extreme flooring