Tips from the Table: Blending products to create a salvaged look

Via: Karndean Design FlooringSalvaged and reclaimed looks are dominating home décor and furnishing trends, and floors are no exception. We carry a number of designs and colors that match this style, including the newest additions to our Da Vinci, Van Gogh and LooseLay Longboard ranges.Blending products allows you to create a unique look without worrying about the lead times or price tags associated with a custom order. It also allows you to come to a happy medium if you’re torn between more than one color; enabling you to update your look without changing your entire style or existing furnishings. Reclaimed wood is sourced from a number of different locations, and features high color variation, which is a look that blending can help you achieve.Bring your barnwood design to life by blending our Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T and Salvaged Redwood VGW101T, as shown below. This is a stylish option if an all-gray look is not for you. Alternatively, if you're looking to embrace this hue, you can pair Salvaged Redwood with our Aged Redwood VGW100T.

If your style is mid-century modern, you can keep the traditional feel while still incorporating a rustic look by combining our Blended Oak RP95, Beach Driftwood RP101 and Double Smoked Acacia RP105. Each of these looks are from our Da Vinci range, featuring 36” x 3” planks - a classic hardwood plank size. This mid-century modern rustic look allows you to update your room design, without the need to change your existing decor.

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