Spring Cleaning

Today marks the first day of Spring! You know what that means; It's time to clean house. Here's a quick round-up of some of our favorite household cleaning products:

For hardwoods:
Glitsa Cleanâ„¢ Wood Floor Cleaner is an excellent product for wood floors, as well as other interior wood surfaces. Glitsa Clean contains no surface dulling oils that collect dust and dirt, nor does it contain any waxy polishes to build up on the surface of your floor finish.

For carpets:For spot-cleaning carpets, Carpetaid+ eliminates both oil and water-based stains, no matter how old they are, leaving no residue behind.For wall to wall carpet cleaning, we recommend the Host Dry-Clean Machine. It's safe for use on all carpets (even Oriental rugs and sisal), it's safe to use around kids and pets, it's environmentally-friendly and it works!

For tile and grout:We sell and recommend a variety of effective products that are safe for use. It's important to avoid using general cleaners not specifically designed for natural stone, ceramic/porcelain tile or grout. Some of these general cleaners (i.e. off the shelf bathroom, tile and grout cleaners) may contain harmful chemicals that may damage natural stone as stone is sensitive to certain chemicals. Miracle Sealants Cleaners, one line we recommend, are specifically designed for cleaning Natural Stone, Ceramic/Porcelain Tile & Grout.If you have questions about which products to use in your home, give us a call or stop by our showroom.