Oil Soap and Your Hardwood Floors

Can I use an oil soap to clean my wood floors?We get this question a lot.Although oil soaps are marketed as hardwood cleaners, these products can actually dull the wood’s finish and leave a residue that will build over time. We do not recommend using them.What we do recommend is using a professional hardwood cleaning product, such as Glitsa Clean or Woodwise. These products remove stains and scuffs, without leaving a residue behind.Excess water on your hardwood floors can be bad news, so put away the bucket and mop. To clean your floors, simply use a small amount of cleaner on the spot and wipe clean with a rag or dry mop. It’s as easy as that.###If you have a flooring question you'd like us to answer, leave us a comment and we will feature it in a future blog post.