Hardwood Flooring vs. Wood-Look Tile

We've talked quite a bit about the trend that is wood-look flooring. If you've been looking around and trying to decide between hardwood and wood-look tile, here are some helpful tips from Trends in Flooring. Remember, the decision is ultimately yours!PROS AND CONS OF HARDWOOD vs. WOOD-LOOK TILE Benefits of Hardwood

Mohawk Solid Hardwood Warm underfoot: As hardwood is a natural insulator, homeowners love its natural warmth, especially in the colder climates.Comfortable: In contrast to tile flooring, hardwood is more resilient and comfortable underfoot creating a welcoming aesthetic.Natural allure: Despite that high levels of authenticity tile can achieve, many homeowners are still drawn to the natural beauty hardwood exudes.Benefits of Wood-Look Tile

Florida Tile Berkshire Oak[/caption]Versatile: Great for all climates, tile flooring is likewise suitable for every room of the home including the kitchen and bathroom due to its ability to repel moisture.Easy to maintain: Offering a smooth surface that stains and liquids don’t seep into, spills and messes are easy to clean, as tile can hold up to a variety of cleaning methods.Sustainable: The natural beauty wood-look tiles offer is achieved without needing to cut down a single tree while additionally offering a material that can last for several life cycles.Easily customized: Many collections offer a wide array of tile sizes in wider, bolder formats than natural hardwood such as 6”, 7”, and 9” wide planks.Easily replaceable: In case an occasion does occur where a floor tile is damaged, fixes are simple with one-at-a-time replacements.Downfalls of HardwoodLimited durability: Although hardwood is naturally resilient, it is highly susceptible to scratches, dents, cracking, warping, and chipping. Heavy foot traffic, tough messes, and pets are hardwood’s worst nightmares.High maintenance: Hardwood floors require attentive, regular cleaning to maintain a luminous beauty along with routine refinishing or resealing every few years.Application restrictions: Because hardwood is susceptible to wearing, fading, and moisture, applications are limited. Although hardwood can be applied to the kitchen, it is not recommended for bathroom or entryway applications.Downfalls of Wood-Look TileCold: Unlike hardwood, tile flooring is typically colder to the touch, which can get uncomfortable in the cold climates.Less noise insulation: Unless a good underlayment is used, tile flooring is the least sound absorbent flooring on the market.Grout: Grout in tile flooring is often loathed due to its tendency to collect dirt and grime. Additionally, as wood look tile flooring only reveals a minimal grout lines, any off colors in grout will tarnish the authenticity of these floors.Source: Trends in Flooring###