Forever Clean

A renewable and sustainable carpet with permanent built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off? It does exist.Mohawk's new Smartstrand Forever Clean touts itself as the "toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet."SmartStrand Forever Clean simply does not hold on to dirt. SmartStrand Forever Clean has been shown to release up to 3X more dirt than other carpets during vacuuming. That means you can breathe easy knowing that your floor cleans faster, better and easier than ordinary carpets.Unlike nylon carpet strands with no core protection (and lose 50% of their stain protection after just three cleanings), Forever Clean's protection remains at 100% for the life of the carpet.To prove the tough, easy clean advantages of SmartStrand Forever Clean, Mohawk has partnered with Tough Mudder - the toughest, muddiest challenge there is. We put our SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet to the test by exposing it to thousands of footsteps and tons of mud. After a full day of abuse, SmartStrand Forever Clean was easily restored to its original beauty. Check out the YouTube video to see all the dirty details!Want to learn more? Visit Mohawk or come by our showroom to see the new Smartstrand Forever Clean in person. And remember that we offer complimentary, in-home estimates.###