What’s the best way to take care of hardwood flooring?

What’s the best way to take care of hardwood flooring?

Wood flooring is easy to maintain. However, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

Keep in mind that seasonal changes bring different challenges with moisture. We have rain, mud, snow, ice, salt, leaves, and chlorine in the Pacific Northwest.

Water: public enemy #1 of wood floors

Excess water and moisture cause wood floors to warp, cup and crown, so wipe spills as soon as possible. Don't let water seep between boards; it will telegraph to the surface floor if it gets into the subfloor.

Remove spills from your solid hardwood flooring immediately. That includes making sure the floor is dry when you polish and clean.

Avoid steam mops, even if they say it's okay for wood floors. Wood expands or shrinks to adjust to humidity, both on and in the air.

Why it’s recommended to dry mop every day

Dust shows up everywhere, even if your home is a no-shoes zone. Dust is especially prevalent if there's construction somewhere in your neighborhood.

It will get into the grain, embed in the floorboards, and attract dirt if not removed. The dirt, in turn, causes scratches.

Our hardwood flooring company also recommends weekly vacuuming. You can easily miss some crumbs and dirt, and they, too, can scratch.

Use protective furniture pads

They prevent scratches when chairs, tables, and other furniture are dragged. Keep pet nails trimmed while you're at it, avoid wearing stilettos on the floor, and put mats at entrances.

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