Not just for wine bottles and bulletin boards anymore, cork is now a mainstay in the flooring discussion.Made by stripping the bark from cork oak trees, cork flooring is a truly renewable resource, as no trees are destroyed during manufacturing.Due to its unique cellular structure, cork is incredibly resilient, making it suitable for both residential and commercial installations. Made up of nearly 80% air, cork is comfortable to walk on and causes less stress to the back and feet. The air also helps the floor recover up to 100% of its original dimension when compressed.In addition, cork floors are quiet to walk on and easy to install and maintain.Cleaning cork is as easy as regular sweeping (to keep grit from engraining itself in the floor) and mopping. Spills and excess water should be cleaned up immediately, however, as standing water can damage the flooring.Natural shade variations are normal and add to the beauty of the floors. Color in cork is derived during the baking process; the longer the cork is baked the darker and richer the color.It's important to note that cork will fade in direct sunlight. Be sure to ask about ways to keep your cork looking great and fade-free.

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