White Hot

If you've been scouring Houzz or various design blogs for home remodeling inspiration, chances are good that you've picked up on the movement back to white. From cabinets and walls to countertops and now, appliances, white is giving remodelers a clean slate from which to design around. This recent post from the popular site, Apartment Therapy confirms; White is white hot.
White Kitchen Appliances are Trending White HotOne look at the pale green (otherwise known as "avocado") range in your grandparents' kitchen proves the rule: kitchen trends are fickle. There's truly no "classic" or "timeless" look for home appliances. Even the current in vogue stainless steel finish has come under fire by some home experts. Meanwhile, white appliances are sneaking in behind the scenes, and making a slow journey back to kitchen design primacy. A Consumer News report from last year's Kitchen & Bath Industry show in Chicago paints a picture where stainless steel is on the way out. One design-build contractor is quoted: "Ten years from now I think we're going to look back at stainless steel and say 'wow,' that's really a 1990's or 2000's kitchen." The opinions of experts, of course, should mean nothing about how much a homeowner enjoys their space. Stainless kitchens are beautiful, and will continue to be beautiful for years to come. But anyone looking ahead to a future renovation might want to pause for just a beat, especially if your goal is insuring a home's future value.For additional images, view the article here.###