Under the Carpet

Carpet pad is often overlooked, but is worth taking a closer look at. Sure, nobody is going to see it but everyone is going to feel it. Carpet pad will increase comfort level, absorb impact, reduce sound, insulate and help the rug resist matting.If you're not concerned about the pad under your new rug, there's no need to worry. All of our carpet comes installed with a sturdy and reliable six-pound rebond pad.You do have the option to upgrade, however. Carpet pad alternatives are available and the selection depends on several factors.If you're looking for a firmer feel, you may be interested in a heavyweight pad, such as an eight-pound rebond or closed-cell foam pad. A firmer pad can also increase the life of your carpet.If you have pets or are installing carpet in a room that is likely to have spills, you'd be wise to consider a pad with moisture block. Mohawk's Guardian and SmartCushion padding contains a moisture barrier film to help block spills, and antimicrobial additives to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. If you plan to install Mohawk carpet in your home, selecting a Mohawk pad underneath will ensure additional warranty upgrades, as well.###