Trending: Artisan Tiles

While commercial tile lines remain a staple in many interior designs, homeowners as well as the architect and design community are seeing the value in a variety of handcrafted tiles to create unique and individualized applications. TILE Magazine's recent Trend Report discusses the rise in popularity of artisan or custom, hand-made tiles for the home.(Homeowners) are taking more interest in their home designs, and during the product selection process, many come armed with specific product names and styles that they are drawn to. Many homeowners are willing to make a sizeable investment if it means creating a unique interior design that adds value to their residence. As a result, it seems the popularity of artisan tile is on the rise.One thing to keep in mind? Because the thickness, the variations of the straight edges — or not-so-straight edges — and the variances of the glaze differences are all important factors when using handcrafted tile... it is necessary to have an excellent tile installer who is familiar with artisan tile.[caption id="attachment_485" align="alignnone" width="615"]

Image courtesy of Christine Nelson Design and TILE Magazine

Image courtesy of Christine Nelson Design and TILE Magazine[/caption]Source: TILE Magazine. ###