2013 Home Color Trends

According to Benjamin Moore, the 2013 Color of the Year is Lemon Sorbet, which is "the perfect transitional color between the mid-tones and saturated colors seen in today's home furnishings and the softer, lighter pastels which are emerging for 2013."Can you see lemon sorbet in your home? Benjamin Moore is not the only one seeing yellow in 2013.

Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore[/caption]PPG's Voice of Color says to expect "even more color and more creativity -– look for bright colors and unexpected places to use it." A variety of reds, yellows and blues are dominant in the Voice of Colors 2013 themes.Julie Rogowski, vice president and general manager of the Boston Design Center was quoted in the Boston Globe last month. The three colors she predicts we will see more of next year? You guessed it.  Blue, yellow and red. "Paler yellow is being used in a neutral shade against darker and richer colors."If you're preparing to redecorate and need a little color inspiration, whether for paint, carpet, tile or furniture, Pantone is another good resource. Their 2013 lineup (9 palettes total) can be viewed here.Happy decorating.