Does the width of the hardwood floors really matter?

Does the width of the hardwood floors really matter?

Plank width matters for an aesthetic, not functional, viewpoint. While both wide and narrow ones are stylish and work in any decor, some are particularly suited to particular looks.

Wood flooring, whether it's engineered or solid hardwood flooring, adds warmth, charm, and elegance to any home, and it's essential to keep in mind that the planks are what make up for the floor; therefore, pay attention to your style and also the room size.

Wide planks: trending and traditional

Wide planks work exceptionally well in rustic decors, mainly because their size allows for a better display of knots and grains. They can also have an antique-like, historical look since they were primarily used in homes in the mid-1800s.

By no means, however, does this mean they can't work in modern settings when in a lighter shade; these can be very contemporary. They can also visually enlarge a room since they are larger and have fewer seams, hence, fewer interruptions.

Narrow Planks: classic appeal

Sometimes a room is too small to accommodate anything other than a narrow plank. These tend to look more contemporary but can work well with any decor, including traditional, farmhouse-style, California coastal, cottage, etc.

Narrow plank floors are more expensive than wider planks because more floorboards are installed.

Mix it up with random width flooring

This refers to installing your hardwood floors with planks of varying sizes. The most common grouping is three, five, and seven-inch widths, but some will also use different sizes. Random width flooring can make a room look larger and is the perfect solution for installing smaller spaces. Random width flooring works with any decor.

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